'Young' the Webseries

'Young' is out final year major project at CityVarsity before we head out in the industry. Together we plan to deliver this Webseries using all of the skills and experience we have earned throughout our journey to where we are today.

South Africa Art and Photography

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The Team

Ethan: Ethan Benjamin is a directing student from CityVarsity who enjoys writing unconventional dramas. He works to create projects that are unique and is willing to experiment with various techniques, both on set and in post-production. His inspiration comes from many sources and interests, such as music, gaming and photography. Tarryn: Tarryn is a film student whos’ elective is producing. She wants to help directors bring their stories to life on screen so others can see and find their passion as she did. Stories are a part of every culture and of people, film is just an extension of that. Film brings together people and her favourite memories are of family movie nights and others deserve the opportunity to experience that joy. Motsiba: Motsiba Sesiu is a Cinematographer who enjoys unconventional shooting methods. Since a young age, he has been creating projects, testing his style and refining his talent. He's not only limited to the camera, his multi-talent with his interest range from the editing room to the writers' desk. He has won the award Best Cinematographer for 2018 and also for the Best Film of 2018 at CityVarsity Rebeka: Rebeka is a third year student film student at CityVarsity College. She chose to study film, because at a young age she was already interested in how movies were made and the work that went into it. She used to practice making short videos with her cousins at a young age, which became something she really wanted to do.