This is our second second year in film school, we want to continually grow as artist and filmmakers and deliver the best film possible.

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The Team

We are team of passionate young filmmakers committed to delivering the best film that we can. We want to motivate, inspire, entertain and tell stories that resonate with people through the art of motion picture. Loyiso Mathumba - Writer/Director/Producer/Editor From a young age Loyiso has always known that he wanted to be a filmmaker, a desire which developed from watching films and re-enacting favorite T.V. episodes with friends and being within the world of his own imagination. As a filmmaker Loyiso to tell a variety of stories that will resonate, entertain and inspire individuals. Filmography Power Over Me (2019) Assistant Camera Stand (2019) Writer/Director The BrotherHood (2019) Producer Eye For An Eye (2019) Writer/Director Embrasure (2019) Assistant Director Nangamso Memani – Cinematographer/Co-Producer/Co-Editor Nangamso Memani a female cinematographer based in the community of Khayelitsha first fell in love with art through dance she had studied in high school and has worked her way into the film industry since then. Currently doing her 2nd year at CityVarsity with Cinematography as her major. Nangamso wishes one day tell powerful and yet personal stories about the African community, something which she deeply passionate about. Filmography Sketchbook (2019) Producer Nuce (2019) Cinematographer Rose and Red (2019) Writer/Director Early Life Changes (2019) Editor Who Am I To You? (2019) Cinematographer Megan Shaw – Assistant Camera Megan is a dedicated is and gifted individual who fell in love with film with watching movies. She is has a background in the film art department and is an exceptional cinematographer and director. Megan aims to one day become a director and is currently working on a film which she has entered in the SA Horror Fest. Filmography Eye For An Eye (2019) Assistant Camera/Make-Up Artist/Actress Embrasure (2019) Cinematographer Ryan Gordon – Grips Ryan Gordon is a young artist from an art background and a love for living life to its fullest. As a child he grew up being exposed to and honing many different art forms and has had experience working in the film industry. Ryan is particularly attracted to film because he sees as the ultimate platform of be able to combine all art elements. He also passionate about telling stories about obscure individuals. Ryan also has shot numerous sports videos and is a professional stuntman. Filmography Everythingy (2019) Writer/Director Eye For An Eye (2019) Art Director Embrasure (2019) Writer/Director