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I am a mother of three children who are gluten intolerant. This was my first encounter with this term and condition. For my firstborn, it manifested as eczema and for the second one, like psoriasis. Luckily our first stop was at a doctor who was a wellness and nutrition expert and that saved numerous trips to the doctors or chemists. That was 8 years ago when gluten-free products were only found in health shops and at a significantly higher price. That's when I started my research.

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I'm trained in Biomedical Laboratory Technology and Occupational Safety & Health. After graduating I couldn't find a job so I ventured into business - farming, cleaning, selling dogs, making sandwiches and eventually production of gluten-free flour and products. I love good food and as a mum with gluten-intolerant children, I wanted them to be able to enjoy pastries and cakes in spite of their dietary limitations. I love spending time with friends and family and having a hearty chat over tea, coffee or wine. I love chocolate cake. I am an advocate for peace, happiness, aliveness, and people experiencing that they have a say in how their lives turn out. I enjoy going for an early morning run, reading and recently I started painting classes. One of the challenges I've taken upon is to exploit and expand my capabilities and see what is possible.