Mila's Meals Gourmand Award

In December 2016, my book ‘Mila’s Meals: The Beginning & The Basics’ won a Gourmand World Cookbook Award – 'Best Self-Published Cookbook in South Africa'. As a national winner, my book became eligible to compete against winners from other countries for a 'Best in the World Award' – for which is has now been shortlisted! The award winners will be announced in May 2017 at the annual Gourmand Award Ceremony in Yantai, China. I would very much like to be there!

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Catherine Barnhoorn (aka Mama) Mom, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Author Having healed myself from various autoimmune conditions (post-pregnancy) through diet and organic living and having to raise a child with food intolerances, I set to work educating myself and getting creative in the kitchen. As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I am deeply passionate about empowering parents to make informed decisions with regards to what they feed their children and themselves. I see Mila’s (and my own) food intolerances as a blessing which have led us down a path of learning, discovery and good health – which will hopefully stand us in good stead for years to come. Mila (aka Angel) Muse I am a free-from kid! That means I am free-from / don’t eat gluten, dairy and sugar. Why? Because gluten makes the poopies get stuck, dairy makes my nose snotty and my ears hurt, and sugar – well sugar makes me feel sugary. (Note from Mama: After Mila has eaten sugar, she holds her hand on her chest and says “Mama, I feel sugary!”) I pretend to be a very fussy eater because it sends my mama into the kitchen to make really yummy food that none of the other kids at school get! Find out more about us and follow our journey using the links below: