Project Paragliding for Africa - Beyond COVID19

Most people think that flying for fun is for the rich and famous. Most people, don't know just how far paragliding has come in terms of safety, performance, nor affordability. Most people, don't know that paragliding is a recognised discipline of aviation. Most people, don't know that paragliding can be a very successful business, capable of providing employment all over the African continent. The truth is, most people, don't know what paragliding is. We are here to change that.

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The Team

My name is Ria Moothilal - I am a paragliding instructor and owner of Air School Paragliding. By complete random chance, I did a tandem skydive 16 years ago, this completely altered the course of my life. I skydived for 10 years and then took up paragliding which I've been doing for the last 6 years. I love the outdoors, have a BSc degree in Agricultural Engineering, am a former data scientist and have also cycled from Cape Town to Cairo. All of the various aspects of my life come into play in my teaching and the philosophy in which I run my business. Air sports have made such a positive difference to my life, the least I can do is help others discover the same