Scaling Donum Vitae

Donum Vitae outsources the printing of all garments. This campaign will enable us to scale the business by purchasing printing equipment, which would allow us to cut back on manufacturing costs & produce more at a lower rate. Your contribution to our campaign will help us reach our goal.

South Africa Fashion

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R 50,000 Dream Goal

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This project will only be funded if the minimum desired funds (R3000.0) are pledged before 2023-02-15 11:17:45

The Team

I am a female entrepreneur. The thought of owning and managing an online clothing store has always appealed to me. I took the leap of faith in May of this year, 2022. The journey thus far has been full of valuable lessons and experiences. My faith, together with a strong conviction for imparting hope and positivity is what I hope is channeled through Donum Vitae Apparel.