Creating beautiful fabric

The upcoming holiday season is a great opportunity for me to expand my business and product range. For this purpose I have designed fabric from sketches of Cape Fynbos. The aim is to have the fabric printed and made into a variety of products such as scatter cushions and table runners.

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The Team

My name is Ansie and I am the artist behind art.i.Africa. Growing up art was a big part of my life and I studied art at school. But after school the grown up world and 9-to-5 job led me to I neglect my art. For a number of years before 2020 I travelled through Southern Africa as a tourist guide. I loved the job, the lifestyle and spending time in nature. Sadly this came to an end with the pandemic in early 2020. The period of having to stay in one place helped me rediscover my love for drawing and painting. Since then I have been doing it daily and have created many wonderful pieces. This has now become my employment as well. A book I recently read asked the question "how do you know you are an artist?" and answers by explaining that an artist constantly thinks about art and creating. This is very true. When I look through my photos of the places I've visited and the things I've seen, my mind is racing with ideas. When I look around me, all I see are colours, shades and forms waiting to be painted.