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Our Pilot Mobile lab project aims  to make Practical STEAM resources and equipment available to secondary schools with few material resources, starting with 3 schools in the Gambia.

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The Team

CUBE is an organization advocating for STEAM-talent (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, Math) development on the African continent, with an emphasis on Green STEAM. Our purpose as an organization is to invest in the youth's potential by providing & facilitating access to the right space, tools, mentorship, as well as quality education that will enable them to develop their skills and create their own opportunities. We seek to inspire and encourage creativity and innovation in problem solving through experiential nature-based education. we not only want to bring practical trainings closer to fragile groups to activate their potential, but also give a chance to STEM-graduates to launch their ideas, solutions through our labs and programs with the main goal of developing innovative, sustainable solutions/ideas that enhances education, competency, innovation, and careers on a national (global) scale. At CUBE we also believe in Resource efficiency and that by saving precious resources we also contribute to sustainable development. For this reason one of our key attributes is adapting every product/service that will be developed at our labs to the circular economy, looking beyond the current take-make-waste, next to economic viability.