Gluten Free Baking Easily Available

We want to make people's lives a little easier by making good, clean and healthy foods without any harmful preservatives more easily available to all.

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My name is Sasha, and as someone who lives with Celiac Disease, PCOS and Insulin Resistance I’ve spent most of my life struggling with my health and having to balance the foods I love eating versus the foods I may only eat aside from how difficult and expensive it can be to find most of the products or even the individual ingredients to cook something nice. As the years have gone by, I have found dozens of people, whether it be community based social media groups or family & friends that have all began to struggle with similar situations as mine and sitting by while so many people are struggling to live a normal healthy life just is not an option anymore. People today have busy schedules and stressful lives as it is and having to worry about the right food choices should not be added to their to-do lists. My sister Jade’s, dad has been suffering with diabetes for years now and she too has recently been considering doing something similar in making treats for those who have food restrictions but want a good compliant treat on occasion. Thus we have decided to combine ideas and start The Simple Choice so that we can not only help our loved ones & ourselves live a healthier lifestyle but we can bring comfort to dozens of people to make their days a little easier ,especially in a world where most of commercial health foods & snacks are filled with ingredients that are more harmful to us than the actual products that aren’t gluten free or sugar free. Together we are hoping to have our site ready to launch in December of this year.