Veeky Tony Farming project is about vegetable farming. Some of the vegetables we grow include cabbage, maize, green pepper, and chilies.

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I'm Velini Maziya, Director of Veeky tony Farming project. I'm running a farming project. I'm working with 15 people. My father passed away in 2018. He left me with knowledge of how to run a farm. I followed in his steps, I love farming. My farming was doing well after dad past away because he left me with all farming materials. Veeky Tony Farming project is based on Vegetables, examples: Cabbage, maize, chillies, green pepper etc. Problems started in July 2021. My farming project was looted and I lost working materials such as: Tractor, water pump engine, water pipes, water Sprinkler; actually all my farming land was damaged. I didn't have money to rebuild my business and pay all my employees. Good people I need your help to rebuild my business. Your contribution will change my life and people around me will find bread. My dream job is to give other people a job.