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Millions of people around the world live in a state of brokenness - feeling disconnected to themselves and the world around them. Unable to heal from various traumas, we can easily accept that this is how we were meant to be. But what if... wholeness was possible?

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Cheryl Benadie is on a mission to ignite a global wholeness revolution! This iconoclastic first generation professional has navigated 14 job titles, eight industries and three careers over a 22 year period, so she understands a thing or two about constantly reinventing yourself to meet the changing demands of the working world. A passionate speaker, writer, trainer and facilitator, Cheryl Benadie has over two decades of work experience in the fields of Journalism, Communication, Publishing, Training and Development and Fundraising. After a decade in higher education, primarily raising funds for bursaries for first generation students, she developed key insights into the workplace training needs of graduates. The current rates of suicide among 15-24 year olds is showing us that providing money for education is only part of the solution to job creation - we also need to help young people develop resilience and learn how to live, love and work from a place of wholeness. She is passionate about supporting fellow first generational professionals, the first in their immediate families to obtain a tertiary qualification and enter into white collar work. There are many hidden barriers to success for first generation professionals. Cheryl has faced long-term trauma caused by domestic violence, sexual violence, intimate partner violence and spiritual abuse. These experiences resulted in complex post traumatic stress, affecting her overall productivity in the workplace. It took many years of intentional personal growth to shift from simply surviving to truly thriving, both personally and professionally. Sadly, her story is not unique in the South African context. No one wants to talk about abuse – and therein lies its power. She made the decision to raise her voice and speak into the realities of gender based violence. People who have suffered abuse are not condemned to live from a place of brokenness. They can heal and grow and reach their highest potential. She is determined to share her story from a place of not just surviving these realities but from reaching a place where women can thrive in a new story. She also runs Whole Woman workshops and webinars to help women discover their personal power, in addition to the work and life skills training offered by Whole Person Academy. Some recent articles that has been published in local media: • When love is like a drug: • Supporting colleagues fighting a silent battle: • Recognising signs of abuse in school children: • How to bounce back after retrenchment: • Revitalising your skills sets to pivot in a post-covid world: