Help local artists complete a Climate Change mural-Eswatini

Upcoming local artists are working collaboratively to create a climate change mural along a main road in Manzini. The use of graphics and messaging will hopefully encourage dialogue, interest and awareness of the issue and hopefully inspire positive environmental action.

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The Team

I am a young environmental scientist from Eswatini. I am passionate about sustainable development, youth participation in climate action and and sustainable livelihoods. My experience has centred around social-ecological research, environmental communication, and youth engagement. My volunteer work in South Africa sparked my interest in exploring creative tools to engage young people in environmental action. I found that many disadvantaged communities unfortunately do not have access to information regarding sustainable living and so forth. Additionally, I felt that there is a lack of interest amongst people my age. For this reason I hope to contribute towards changing the ways in which we teach children about the environment, how climate change is narrated in national cirriculmn and exploring means of encourgaing interest and awareness of this serious issue.