Trying to make Rams more cheaper and accessible to The Gambian economy, as opposed to importing at a higher cost.

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I am Yusupha Baldeh, a Gambian farmer. I grew up in a community called Mansjang Kunda – Basse. My family is among the poorest in the village, and I am the only male son in my family. My parents passed away when I was 14. As a young boy, living with my grandmother, every Tobaski Feast, all families in the village used to slaughter rams for charity and everyone used to give us the meat as a charity. This has been a continuous process for many years. One day, I had an idea of buying two small rams and started fattening them for a period of 7 months for the next Tobaski Feast. The next Feast, we were able to slaughter a ram for the Tobaski and gave ram meat for charity. In addition to charitable work, I want to sell rams at a cheaper price than vendors from outside the Gambia. That is, making ram meat more affordable for the locals.