Tolo Refreshment center is here to provide reliable, satisfactory, and quality food, refreshment. Production of yogurt, ice cream, and pink cocktail, and catering services to customers at an affordable price nationwide.

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I was working for a bank as an internal control officer and the bank build a gust house in Basse and made and internal adverts for manager to run the guest house. I applied and eventually I was managing the guest house. This guest house became the best with the latest standard in the region and nearby region. With all its standards guest travelled all the way from the city about 400 kilometers and when they arrived the first thing they request for after booking in is food and refreshments. They feel distressed and disappointed each time when I say to them we do not offer such services in the guest house. Some of them arrived very late and with no mobility to go to the town to search for food. At rimes it’s late that food is not guaranteed for availability because all shops and food vendors would had closed business. Others that arrived earlier would asked; do you know of a reliable and quality food center? My answer is that no. so they lose confidence for reliability and standard especially with the choice of food deed and refreshments needed. I then took notice of the need for food and refreshments to quench my guest pains. I also took into consideration about the values preposition they were mostly interested in which was reliability and quality. I then build on a mission statement “to provide reliable, satisfactory and quality food, refreshment and catering services to customers at an affordable price in Basse, Upper River Region and beyond” thereafter I searched for a befitting name for the business to capture food and refreshments. After brainstorming and sounding various business names, I arrived at Tolo Refreshment Center. The refreshment indicates hope for food and beverages. The Tolo is a nick name to my son Ousman. I then sold the idea to my wife to start a small food and refreshment business in the guest house in my name. she agreed and she stared cooking and I later employed two staff to assist her while I was managing both the guest house and the food business in the guest house. Guest were happy with our food and refreshments services. The management of the bank decided to operate a restaurant in the name of the guest house so I moved the business to a location outside the guest house in Basse and take it up as a full time job. I started making plain yogurt and yogurt with cous - cous and later ice cream for the general public and stared selling in town, at clubs and weekly markets.