Ladies Own Transport Services

Ladies Own Transport Services (LOTS) creates safe spaces for women of all classes, races, and abilities to take taxi rides or receive driving instruction. In so doing, LOTS aims to reduce gender based violence that arises when trying to move from place to place and learning to drive in South Africa.

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R 1,500,000 Dream Goal

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The Team

Ladies Own Transport Services was created by Joanie Fredericks. At the time she conceptualized this social enterprise, she didn't even own a car. She recognized the need and was determined to act. Until she created LOTS, there was no place in the entire country that focused on providing a safe space for women to learn how to drive while, more importantly, gaining the confidence to take control of their own lives. We are also one of the first services in the country to provide safe, affordable taxi services for women, and we will be one of the first focused on mechanical engineering for women. We have proven that with the correct support, women are able to thrive in what has typically been a male dominated industry. Joanie now has a team of incredibly passionate women whose duties are to instruct, drive, make bookings and take care of the back office needs. Men are also involved in supporting LOTS through web design and business development mentorship and by being incredible allies! LOTS is recognized as an expert in the field of GBV and safe transport of women and is regularly invited to speak on platforms such as the Womentech Global Conference.