The Impressionists Series of Fountain Pens

We have added a new reward option: a black pen with subtle accents, for those who prefer a classic style. We’ve also added a Stretch Goal ($16 000) to invest in more equipment & training, and a Spectacularly Stretchy Goal ($20 000), to attend one of the international pen shows.

South Africa Art and Photography

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The Team

We (Dave and Di) are the founders, sole proprietors, and workers at Stanford Wood Studio. We also make the tea & empty the bins. We are based in Stanford, South Africa (not the other one). We both had corporate careers before coming to our senses. In 2014 we moved to a village where wearing shoes is optional and dogs have right of way. Dave had always loved working with wood and has built a number of wooden canoes & kayaks that have been bought by collectors. Di loves colour and had been yearning for an outlet for her creative energy ... and an excuse to justify her bead habit. And then we got bitten by the fountain pen bug ... We have been supported in putting this campaign together by incredible creatives including @illegal_aileen (original Impressionists Series concept); our grandson Daniel Mohr (video); Arthur Peuckert (photography); Jenni Cory (graphic design). And thanks to the Pen Pal Rock Stars to whom we sent the Impressionists Series prototypes and asked what they thought.