The Almasi Project Ep3

The Almasi Project is an original children's 2D animation consisting of 52x10 minute episodes. It is written, animated and produced in Kenya by young Kenyans who have been brought up in diverse backgrounds and have a common goal, that of bringing their world alive in the digital universe.

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The Team

Mwara Kung'u (top left) is the project leader. She is an artist who lectures in film and animation Multimedia university. The Almasi project started life as her thesis. Mercy (top mid) is Head of Animation on the Almasi Project. Graduated from Multimedia university in 2018. Sherald (top right) is the animator who deals with all our drawings and he also does cutout animation. Graduated from Multimedia university in 2019. Other members join on a temporary basis for particular tasks. Brian Achiro (Bottom right) is the story board artist. Graduated from Multimedia university in 2019. The writer, Mrs Susan Wamucii, (mid bottom) (seen here storytelling to children in the Taita Hills) lives on her farm and comes in to record when the stories are ready. Alan, 15 (bottom left) is an intern. (Not in frame) Bonnie Mango and George Babu (composed the song in episode 2) are traditional Kenyan musicians. The butterfly song in Episode one was composed and performed by Nyakio Kung'u.