In Adam all Die

The story follows the concepts of real witchcraft (not the Hollywood variety) and how a powerful antagonist may affect the real world with it. The opposing force may have been commissioned by God, as he has astounding powers not derived from magic. The boundaries of reality may become blurred.

South Africa Art and Photography

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I have spent my adult life working myself up from a General Labourer (sweeps floors, loads and unloads trucks, etc), through factory assembler, site installer, estimator and draughtsman to Technical manager in my field, as there were no opportunities available to me, a poor matriculant, under the old Apartheid system to pursue academia. I have used my talents in the aluminium and glass industry and am proud to point out the various buildings in Cape Town and Stellenbosch I have been involved in. Although the Covid 19 pandemic ended my employ at a well known local fenestration company, it also presented an opportunity to start my own business. I am hoping that 2021 brings improvement to our economy and opportunities for all.