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We Feasible Solutions are here to assist in agriculture business innovation; replenishing of locally fruits that would have been thrown in the streets such as the mango and water melon seasonally he Gambia. Creating an industry that would make mass production of the local fruits and chain of supply.

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Beautiful couple who are the co-founders of the business. Fallou Jobe has a Bachelor degree of Arts in Business Studies at Cardiff Metropolitan University, Malaysia Campus and Fatima Binta Faal has BSc in Computer Science at the University of The Gambia and Postgraduate Diploma in Meteorology & Hydrology. Our Objective: To startup an agricultural business that aids in innovation and continuous empowerment: One of our reasons on this campaign is to tackle the wastage of fruits in The Gambia from the farmers to the middlemen in the streets. We would sensitize them on the hazards, process the fruits such as water melon and mangoes in order to be used throughout the year with the help of facilities which can package and freeze them at large. It requires more space and facilities in order to achieve our dreams. We aim to disregard the importation of fruits by making massive amounts of local fruits and vegetables that would suffice the needy. Therefore, with our background in business and tech, it would be beneficial to us and the community at large. Moreover, we would venture in online transactions with our customers and deliver to their homes. Stalls shall be built at nearby park. This would ease the women who visit the market early in the morning.