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Amie’s Spice product helps our customers improve their health and well-being through our natural spice and herbal tea. Buying our products means you are not only opting for healthy eating, but you will also be a donor to our main partners, Ibraisa Foundation.

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The Team

The amiable Amie Darboe (aka Yamie) who is the mother of Two (2) beautiful children is the proprietor of Amie’s Spice, a spice producing company in the Gambia and the founder of Ibraisa Foundation, a charitable organization that create awareness and help children with cerebral palsy (CP). She studied General Management and IT at Management Development Institute (MDI) and Gambia Telecommunication and Multimedia Institute (GTMI). Yamie is ambitious, versatile and creative. She is focused, knowledgeable and skilled in problem solving and communication. Being a mother to a child with cerebral palsy, and living in a country where there is zero awareness about CP, such kids are termed evil and even sometimes to the extent of saying that the mum is possessed by evil spirit that’s why they give birth to evil spirits has nurtured her desire to create awareness and help other children with CP to become independent and live a meaningful life.