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Sainabou Kabba-Jobe is the founder and CEO of T'and'T Fashion/Food Processing. African fashion and processing of African food especially those from Gambian soil are her passion, empowering her staff also gives her enormous gratification. Amongst her “Made in The Gambia “products, Sainabou bottles Gambian Honey for her consumer audience. She processes Locusts beans locally known as ‘Netehtu' into powder used as spice for preparing various Gambian dishes in particular, Mbahal. Since Findi, Cherreh, Chackry and Sankhal are made from home grown crops like Findi and Millet, she packages the finished products for marketing. The Gambia is a groundnut producing country and groundnut powder is in high demand, Sainabou processes these fine grains ready for the national and international market. With the abundance of Bonga Fish in the Gambia, she sells the neatly packaged product to her customers. Given the fact that African incense is part of Gambian cultural heritage, she makes nice aroma of Goweh Saffe ready for all homes.