Chicken Mandala Book Series

Having started my permaculture journey 10 years ago, the chicken mandala has been a fantastic system, supporting the sustainable growing of our family and community’s food requirements. It is a fun, cyclic method that has permaculture design at heart, keeping you in a constant flow of food.

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The Team

Andrew Mugford, Hayley Hewland & Stef-Mari Muller (From left to right): Andrew - with over 10 years of experience as a permaculture designer and trainer, Andrew has had successful projects in various verticals. Having designed and implemented holistic solutions for businesses, from restaurant gardens to building eco-friendly lodging, Andrew has a keen grasp of regenerative and sustainable projects. Additionally, he has managed multiple community projects that have provided training and organic food to people from all walks of life. Hayley studied fine art in the 1980s and have been a professional artist since then. She also did a Permaculture Design Course in 2014 and designed and implemented many Permaculture designs in South Africa. Hayley has also designed and implemented the chicken mandala system at an organic restaurant in Addo in the Eastern Cape, where they serve fresh, organic produce direct from the garden to the plate. She's very happy to be involved in this project & to be able to bring the magic of the chicken mandala system to a wider audience. Stef - as a qualified PR professional and conservationist, Stef has a unique blend of skills that allows her to manage drastically different interventions. From providing social media support to planning and implementing permaculture solutions, Stef is a keen permaculturist that focuses on people and animal care.