Please help me get Published - 'The Powerful Employee'

My book, “The Powerful Employee” is my first book and already it has been recognized internationally. The Editor that I have been working with from Europe Books has sent me a contract and is so excited for this book to go viral. “This is EXACTLY what the young Market needs right now”, as the editor put it. The book will be placed in over 40 000 stores all over Europe and will then later reach the US. The book will also be translated in 5 different languages. Please help me to make it happen

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I have lived in Cape Town for most of my life, and I love this city. My passions are singing, dancing and I love food. Not a lot of people know but I spent 13 years of my life as a dancer, performing in big Theatres around South Africa. Now, I spend most of my days reading, researching, and watching food channels. The one thing I am most fixated about is my health, so I spend some time of the week working out and keeping my body in shape. I actually don't have a team of people, I am a One-man-band at the moment, but soon to be growing in the years to come.