Durbanville Cleaning Services - COVID-19 Survival

The video above highlights the importance of SMES and why we need to stand together.

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The Team

DCS was established by Debbie Parker in January 2005. She started with a team of three girls and herself and grown into a thriving business with 40 staff by 2016. Debbie had poured herself, heart and soul, into DCS and has made a tremendous success of her endeavour. A big portion of the business was sold back in 2017, operating under a different name and owner today, Debbie kept only a small part with retirement in sight. In September 2019, the remaining portion was sold to the new owner, Angelique Hough. DSC has big plans for the future, with expansion insight, we are working hard to grow into household name while maintaining the high standards of service we are currently providing and hope to welcome you along for the journey.