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I started Spheres Consulting Emporium because I wanted to make a difference and motivate other women to follow their dreams through their dreams and visions. My company is a brand styling and virtual assistant company and the goal is to only collaborate with youngsters and professionals that are passionate about their craft and inborn talent. I know the world of capitalism says Education before anything else but I believe passion fuels us more and pushes us to do our best every day!

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I started Spheres Consulting Emporium out of a passion to create beautiful spaces and words. The vision is to help start-ups with their brand identity from the idea taken from the drawing board to concept stage. I am a creative person and I see concepts where others see chaos and confusion. I have an eye for building ideas that become a brand, I have been doing it for friends, for free because I did not think it is something that one can charge for but one day I realised, that it is called Brand Styling and it can create an income. Since then, I have been editing and fine tuning the vision and pouring out my vision on the canvas that is Social Media and my website, hoping that, those that need my help, will pay for my services. I would like to help entrepreneurs that are not that comfortable with technology and teach them about the wonders and the colour that technology can add to their brand and business. Not everyone that creates a brand knows where to start, I want to be their starting point while I collaborate and empower those around me. I want to be of service to everyone that is not comfortable with technology and social media and online platforms! I want to help ease them into the 4th Industrial Revolution where everything is done through technology. Social Media is not only for the affluent and rich, it is for everybody! And we can also be online no matter what Zozo or Township we in!