Rohey's Beauty House/Food Processing

Rohey's Beauty House is a Beauty Center and a Made in the Gambia Food Processing Boutique.

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The Team

My name is Rohey Leigh, i am 39 years of age and i am married. I am currently at the University of the Gambia Studying Public Administration. I came into Business in 2017 to help young women who are school leavers due to teenage pregnancies or lack of tuition fees to learn skills. i am independent, hardworking and a dedicated young woman who value working to earn a living. So as i was growing up, i admire beauty and i am also gifted with skills. This is how Rohey's Beauty House came into existence Later during the covid-19, i expand the business to Rohey's Food Processing. where we process locally made food for example ARRAW, CHURA GERTEH, FINDI, MBAHAL, CHERREH, CHAKERY AND CRUNCHY COATED PEANUT.